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The fantastic adventures of the starship ORION

(Raumpatrouille - Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes ORION)
What seems like a fairy tale today may be reality tomorrow.
Here we have a fairy tale of the day after tomorrow.
There are no more national states, only mankind  and her colonies in outer space.
We settle on stars far-off, the bottom of the sea is developed as living place.
With what are today unimaginable speeds, the starships of tomorrow transverse the Milky Way.
One of this starships is the ORION,
a little piece in the giant security system which protects the Earth from outer space threats.
Let's accompany the ORION and her crew at their patrols-service on the edge of infinity ...

The adventures of the ORION and her crew were made by german and french tv in 1965/66. It was germans first science fiction series, made in black-and-white, and lasted only 7 episodes.
The first airing in late 1966 were a tremendous success, but
the producers decide not to make any continuation (another 7 scripts were completed) because of costs and ressources.

Fans in many countries still remember the series:
- The starship diving into the ocean landing in submarine Base 104
- Disputes between Commander Cliff McLane and his 'watchdog' Tamara Jagellovsk
- Acrobatic dances and the uncommon music
- Crazy robots and mad scientists
- The mysterious frogs, the supernova, telenose and the invasion ...

The "Starlight Casino" is an officers mess, located in the deep sea.
You can watch the fishes through large windows, wonder about acrobates mimic dancers or
simply drink another whisky.

What you’ll find here:

Sitemap for the english area:

   History - Space Patrol - From 1966 To Now

   Translations - Translations of unusual space patrol terms and abbreviations

   ORION around the world - Airings around the world and links in any language
      France: Commando spatial - Comando Spatial - La fantastique aventure de vaisseau ORION
      ORION in hungary - Õrjárat a kozmoszban - Az Orion ûrhajó fantasztikus kalandjai
      ORION in portugal - As Fantasticas Aventuras da Nave ORION
      ORION in sweden - Pocket Books published in sweden

   Episode Guide
      Attack From Outer Space
      Planet Off Course
      Guardians of the Law
      Battle for the Sun
      The Space Trap
      Back from the Future - Space Patrol ORION - Back from the Future (2003)

There is much more, but only in german: Site Map

The 5 areas are:

Logbücher = Logs:
The adventures, the starship, the crew, sound / video ...

GSD/Informationsamt = Backgrounds: FAQ, actors, producers, inspirational sources ...

RS Terra = Fanfiction: stories, gallerysketches, modells, download area, games ...

EAS-4: Kontakt = Contact: The Frogs, cinema nights, links...

Shopping-Planet = Merchandising: dvd / video, cd, books, postcards ... 

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