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I. Attack from Outer Space

Despite instructions to return to Earth immediately the ORION VII stays on course to the planet Rhea.
This even involves ignoring on Alpha Order from the Supreme Space Bureau (ORB).
Landing on Rhea is considered impossible, but Commander Cliff McLane intends to prove the otherwise.
The operation succeeds.
That escapade, however, shall have consequences. After the insane flight to the second moon of Jupiter, the breakthrough to Saturn base during Stellar War II, and the unauthorized meddling on Alpha Centauri this is the straw that broke the camel's back.
Up to then the ORION belonged to the Fast Space Units, whose head is General Lydia van Dyke. What follows now is a disciplinary transfer to space patrol duty. Furthermore security officer Tamara Jagellovsk from the Galactic Security Division (GSD) is assigned to the ORION as a watchdog.
General Wamsler of the Terrestrial Space Reconnaissance Units informs the ORION crew of this development. McLane offers his resignation, but van Dyke makes it clear to him that he is supposed to return to the Fast Space Units in three years time.
The first mission is for 'recreation': Space traffic monitoring and safeguarding in sector 219-33-9. Lieutenant Orderly Spring-Brauner is taking particular delight in this, being a special friend of the people around McLane.
The presence of Tamara Jagellovsk is something nobody of the ORION crew is pleased about. On their way McLane has them maneuver dangerously close past a solar storm, something the GSD official doesn't exactly like.
Mario de Monti tells Cliff McLane: "She'll be either mental after our first three missions, or--she'll be in command."
That evaluation appears to be correct. Not only does she intend to report de Monti's Whiskey he has aboard, she also won't let McLane shoot down the dead radio satellite "Sky-77."
Later the ORION passes the relay and telecommunication station MZ-4, situated on the edge of no-man's-space. The crew, friend's of the ORION crew aren't answering. Mario is still taking it lightly: "They're either dead or drunk."
Because there are also unidentified triple groups being received on a usually unused frequency, McLane wants to go sure everything is all right. He explains that otherwise the lab cruiser Challenger would collide with the station in 48 hours. He couldn't transmit a course correction because Sky-77, the "deaf nut" is jamming the frequencies.
Cliff sends Atan Shubashi and Hasso Sigbjörnson over to MZ-4 in the dinghy Lancet 1. Over there the oxygen supply has failed. The two can take a look around only inside their pressure suits. The station crew is dead - frozen in mid-move. Soon afterwards they meet an extra-terrestrial of a humanoid shape. Hasso, getting scared, shoots, yet the exoterrist appears to be immune to ray guns.
The ORION is also about to get into trouble. Seven unidentified flying objects are approaching MZ-4. McLane has to perform an emergency take-off to escape. The aliens are influencing the gravity field of the ORION, which is unable to do anything about it.
Tamara tells McLane that, according to Alpha Instruction 3b, with MZ-4 being lost the station would have to be destroyed through energy incineration - regardless of casualties, what with Hasso and Atan no longer being able to get away. The exoterrists have damaged the electrical systems and the oxygen tanks of the Lancet beyond repair.
McLane is struggling with himself and refuses to execute the command at the last moment, when the guns are already locked on and charged. Because the exoterrists are now jamming even the ORION's operating energy nothing is left but the redescent to Earth to warn of a possible invasion there.
There's no oxygen at MZ-4 and maybe it's deadly to the aliens.
Atan and Hasso are trying to flood the station with oxygen but the station's facilities and the lancet are both sabotaged.
After the aliens' landing Atan uses his own oxygen supply while connecting to Hasso's.
"What is enough for 60 days is also enough for that station" he says.
Nevertheless they appear to be beyond help anyway, the lab cruiser Challenger crashes into the station a while later. But luckily the alien ships created an energy shield around the station.
A while later Atan and Hasso are taken back to earth. The fleet was set in motion to destroy the station but Atan succeeded in repairing the station radio thinking he had endless time.
And in the end Hasso asks: "That was only a nightmare, wasn't it?"
Atan replies: "Even worse. That was Science Fiction!"
German TV: 17. September 1966

Starlight Info:
Translated from "Angriff aus dem All"
by: Ulrich Schreglmann [12/97]
Completed by M.Höfler [2004]


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