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Space Patrol ORION - Back From the Future

The 2003 movie and it's DVD

© Bavaria Film GmbH.

Take the main storyline of the first, the second and the last episode of the TV-series, mix it together with some bits of the other shows and you got a space patrol movie? This is what Schwanstein Entertainment did in 2003.

88 minutes with reworked sound from the sixties (Dolby Digital Sound) and a few new scenes with a newscaster to piece the story together.
"Frogs" is now an acronym for "Foreign Race Of Galactic Scoundrels" which says enough about the comical touch the producers gave this movie.

The DVD:
The movie has subtitles in German and English (well written).

There are some extras for the computer: screen savers and a "Frog Invaders" game.
The bonus tracks include
- interviews (statements from the original producer team, in German only; 2003)
- videos: "Join the ORION", German version, 2003; "United Space Orchestra", 1987, cartoon with music by the ORION composer; "ORION forever" played in 2002 at the re-opening of the "Brandenburger Tor" in Berlin
- movie trailers in German and English
- dubbed scenes: Hungarian (2002 version), Italian (1967) and an original scene with one of the French speaking actors
- video diary of the movie premiere in Munich and the party in Berlin (2003)
- slides showing the special effects shooting 1965
The DVD's region code is 2.

The movie's German title is "Raumpatrouille ORION - Rücksturz ins Kino" (RORIK) which translates as "Space Patrol ORION - Back to cinema" into English.
The official English title is "Space Patrol - Back From the Future".

As Neil Nadelman points out, there are other "Space Patrol"-TV-series in the US and UK as well, that have nothing to do with the German "Space Patrol". So let's call it "Space Patrol ORION - Back From the Future" ...


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