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V. Battle for the Sun

Scientists have discovered unusual solar eruptions bound to result in climatic disasters--tidal waves, steppe formation, etc.--soon.
The ORION is on its way to examine the primitive vegetation on a few planetoids, after coincidentally discovering some on a small planet previously deemed infertile. While searching McLane and his crew discover an oddly shaped Lancet made of an unknown material.
During examination Atan Shubashi is taken captive by two men. Cliff McLane, Mario de Monti, and Hasso Sigbjörnson have to intervene. Atan is freed and the two men taken captive.
They turn out to be scientists from the planet Chroma. This is where after Galaxy War I, 600 years ago, Neptune colonists have fled after their defeat. One furthermore learns from the two scientists that it is Chroma from which the solar protuberances are controlled. The experiments are necessary because their own sun is gradually cooling down.
McLane takes off to Chroma with a special clearance by Colonel Villa. There is a war to prevent.
Once there the ORION crew is impressed. Chroma is a heavenly beautiful planet. Cliff proceeds in the company of one of the captured scientists to the mistress of the planet. It is the women who rule here; men just perform subordinate tasks as scientists, gardeners, and soldiers.
The mistress, called SHE, isn't easily convinced of the (still) peaceful intentions. Meanwhile on Earth a decision has already been made to attack Chroma.
Moreover Tamara Jagellovsk receives an encrypted message from the Galactic Security Division. Joined by the two captured scientists she flies to Chroma with a Lancet but is arrested and imprisoned there, while the attack is imminent--
German TV: 12. November 1966

Starlight Info:
Translated from "Kampf um die Sonne"
by: Ulrich Schreglmann [12/97]


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