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VII. Invasion

Once again Cliff is talking to General Wamsler about his disciplinary transfer about to continue another half year. Just then the TRAV (Terrestrial Space Reconnaissance Units) are receiving a distress call from the GSD cruiser Tau by Commander Lindley. They have gotten into a heavy light storm. Aboard among them are the Chief of the Galactic Security Division, Colonel Villa and his staff.
Their power cut, Lindley wants to get from board as quickly as possible to fight their way through the planet Gordon. Colonel Villa doesn't believe the Tau has gotten into a normal light storm but talks in his last radio message about changing gravity fields and gravitation waves.
Safe and sound back on Earth Villa reports to a hearing about the incidents. Regrettably only he and his staff have reached Gordon while Lindley is missing. Villa ostensibly no longer recalls anything like gravity fields. McLane, who near MZ-4 was involved in similar occurrences, is present during the interview. Villa now believing in a normal light storm puzzles him. After all the storm might just as well be a consequence of the gravity field formation. Wamsler and the others, however, whistle Cliff back.
Later the ORION is given an assignment checking space surveillance satellites in the Vesta sector, situated near Gordon. At the last minute take-off is prohibited by the GSD taking on the assignment itself. In the Starlight Casino meets the head of Star Base Surveillance. Colonel Mulligan has just been relieved of his duties by the GSD and is getting plastered.
McLane is becoming more and more suspicious of Colonel Villa. He persuades Tamara Jagellovsk to find out what Villa wanted on Gordon. But first he wants an appointment with her boss. He would like to get a special clearance to Gordon from him, to see Villa's reaction.
While Tamara is caught retrieving the desired data from the Computer, McLane talks to Dr. Heine, who examined Villa after his return. He thinks it's rather McLane who's crazy, not the Colonel.
The ORION is permitted to go to Gordon. Villa even orders chief engineer Kranz, an expert on artificial gravity formation, aboard because the ship is being equipped with an intrinsic force field making it able to resist the gravitational fields. Tamara's absence Villa explains by a special course.
When the ORION locates battleships on her flight it's already too late. Villa and his men have planned the invasion perfectly. They jam all radio traffic, flood submarine bases, etc.
Chief engineer Kranz belongs to the traitors. He takes command over the ORION. While the invasion is moving along TRAV Lieutenant Orderly Spring-Brauner is, as usual, slow in reacting but, for once, appropriate--
German TV: 10. December 1966

Starlight Info:
Translated from "Invasion"
by: Ulrich Schreglmann [12/97]


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