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VI. The Space Trap

Once more the ORION VIII is given a routine assignment. Surprisingly, however, the crew has to take along a civilian. The writer Pieter-Paul Ibsen has obtained, with his connections to the responsible ministry, a permission for flying with them to gather material for his new novel.
To cap it all Pie-Po, as Ibsen is called behind his back, wants a special present for his birthday, he is celebrating aboard. He would like to fly a Lancet on his own. McLane shows little enthusiasm but eventually gives in.
Something, however, is throwing Ibsen off course, forcing him to emergency land on the asteroid Mura. This is where exiles founded a colony. Their head is the megalomanic scientist Tourenne. Ibsen is caught to lure the ORION to Mura with his aid and capture the crew.
McLane and his crew are also taken into custody. Tourenne would like to take over the ORION to desert to the exoterrists. Tamara Jagellovsk and Helga Legrelle are able to overpower one of the guards and to free Mario de Monti, Hasso Sigbjörnson and Atan Shubashi.
Back on board the ORION they threaten to blow up the ship and Mura if McLane and Ibsen aren't back aboard on the double. In the end Tourenne is forced to give in. Yet he still has an ace up his sleeve. Eventually McLane has to let his foes aboard, who promises not to harm them. Still the ORION crew is looking for an alternative solution--
German TV: 26. November 1966

Starlight Info:
Translated from "Die Raumfalle"
by: Ulrich Schreglmann [12/97]


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