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Space Patrol - From 1966 To Now

Planned in the early sixties, it took a great deal of time and money to get the production under way.
The backing of a French TV Network was secured, and the series was off and running. The special effects were in turn very innovative and highly- laughable (offering a future with flat-irons as technical equipment and pencil-sharpeners as control knobs). In 1966 these things looked futuristic; nowadays they seem silly, but they still give the show its air of fun.
The adventures of the Starship Orion were the first- and to date, only space opera project on German TV. There have apparently been several proposals to revive, continue or sequelize the series in the years since the series aired; all of these, sadly, have fallen through, but hope springs eternal.
The last try were made by Roland Emmerich in 1996, but was dropped a year later.


"Space Patrol - The new series" is not in sight and because of the age of the actors there is not much chance, that they would play more than a subordinate if the series will really become reality.

  • Dietmar Schönherr (Commander Cliff McLane) is working in his economic aid project for nicaragua (since 1985) where he founded the "Casa de los Tres Mundos" (House of three worlds). But he hasn't left tv completely, where they celebrated his 75th birthday in 2001 with some telecasts.

  • Eva Pflug (Tamara Jagellovsk) plays theater and in tv films. She was the first (and only) who visited a convention. 34 years after the series the sf fans at the ExpoTrek Convention 2000 were much more interested in her panel than in actors from Star Wars or Galactica.
  • Claus Holm (Hasso Sigbjörnson) died in 1996.
  • Wolgang Völz (Mario de Monti) is a well known actor and the kids love him as the voice of the puppet "Käpt'n Blaubär" (Capt'n Bluebear) on tv.
  • Ursula Lillig (Helga Legrelle) appeared most time on stage and died in 2004.
    F.G.Beckhaus (Atan Shubashi) is still busy dubbing tv series.

    Since december 2000 a new "Making of" book brings enthusiasm to the ORION fans (reworked in 2005).
    Re-Start in July 2003: ORION back in cinema - a movie made of the old episodes. 88 minutes with some newscaster scenes added. The DVD (November 2003) has english subtitles!

    English Videos

    damn im not drunk Damn, I'm not drunk
    cover vol 3 There are videos with english subtitles! But: they are not official, so it's not easy to get them. Sometimes it can be bought at ebay.
    The cover looks amateurish and the tape quality is not the best.
    The subtitles are very near to the german text - read fast or you'll miss something.
    Where do this videos come from? Nobody knows...
    Cover I, Cover II
    One of them is the ORION

    Starlight Info:
    Text by M.Höfler and D.Jones


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