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ORION around the world
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ORION around the world

Informations and Links

Many europeans and some in the US army saw the series before STAR TREK, so in the Netherlands "Ruimteschip ORION" (AVRO 1967), Italy "Le aventure dell' astronave ORION" (RAI 1967?/74), Yugoslavia (1968), Austria (ORF, 1967 and again 1996), Switzerland (SRG, 1970 and 1995). The ORION was never on TV in Great Britain nor in the USA.

The italian dubbed version was shown by Swiss Tv in 1972.
The series could be seen in some region of Northern Italy. All seven episodes were dubbed:
 1) Aggressione da cosmo
 2) Il pianeta fuori orbita
 3) I guardiani della legge
 4) I disertori
 5) Battaglia per il sole
 6) La trappola spaziale
 7) Invasione
The 1974 transmission in Italy by tv Rai was on it's first channel. For some strange reason RAI transmitted only four episodes (2-3-4-5) in the "children air time" period (5 p.m) making the series quite difficult to understand. Nevertheless it had a good audience.
In the late seventies the last italian transmission was by TeleMonteCarlo (at the time "subsidiary" of RAI) showing the same four episodes.

But the series were broadcasted in a lot other countries around the world. Even in south america, africa and asia through Trans-Tel, who brought many german films and series to TV there.
Just started the south african TV brought a (unfortunatly bad) dubbed version in 1975: "Die fantastiese avonture van die ruimteskip Orion".

More than TV

A broadcasting in Brasil is not recorded, but there was a book in 1976/77(?): "Espaconave ORION - A Patrulha das Estrelas". It's most likely that it was on TV, because by the same time it was in Portugal.

French TV was co-producer ("Comando Spatial") and there were a record and  pocket-book published 1967.

Hungary brought the series 1967, 1980 and then - newly dubbed - 2003 as "Õrjárat a kozmoszban". The idea of a board game is unique in the ORION countries.

The ORION visited sweden 1966/67. The 7 books made of the series and the following 5 were published between 1973 and 1976.

More information and links about ORION in france, hungary, portugal and sweden:

France: Commando spatial
 - Comando Spatial - La fantastique aventure de vaisseau ORION
ORION in hungary
 - Õrjárat a kozmoszban - Az Orion ûrhajó fantasztikus kalandjai
ORION in portugal
 - As Fantasticas Aventuras da Nave ORION
ORION in sweden
 - Pocket Books published in sweden

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Starlight Info:
Thanks to N.Heyns from south africa and Carlo Larosa from italy


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