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ORION in Sweden

The series was aired quite early in 1966/67, right after germany but before it was on TV in france.

Covers of the pocket books more often look like they were for 'Barbarella'. They are translations of the first twelve books by Hans Kneifel, who continues the adventures on the edge of infinity after he adapted the seven episodes.

Thanks to Ronny Olsson and C.A.

26. Dec 1966 19.10: Hotet från rymden
29. Dec 1966 19.30: Planet ur kurs
 3. Jan 1967 19.30: Robotarnas uppror
 9. Jan 1967 19.30: Dödsstrålen
17. Jan 1967 19.30: Striden om solen
31. Jan 1967 20.35: Rymdkaparna
 6. Feb 1967 19.30: Invasion utifrån

    May      1973      : Planet ur kurs SvTV1
Pocket books published from "B.Wahlström" in sweden (see also Covers)

The picture on the left prefaces all books (except 'Nödlarm från rymden').
1973 Hotet från rymden /rs Saturnus-serie (1: Angriff aus dem All)
1973 Planet ur kurs /rs Saturnus-serie (2: Planet außer Kurs)
1973 Robotarnas uppror /rs Saturnus-serie (3: Hüter des Gesetzes)
1973 Dödsstrålen /rs Saturnus-serie (4: Deserteure)
1974 Striden om solen /rs Kosmos-serie (5: Der Kampf um die Sonne)
1974 Rymdkaparna /rs Kosmos-serie (6: Die Raumfalle)
1974 Invasion utifrån /rs Kosmos-serie (7: Invasion)
1974 Jorden i fara /rs Kosmos-serie (8: Die Erde in Gefahr)
1975 Planet 905 svarar inte /rs Kosmos-serie (9: Planet der Illusionen)
1975 Farornas planet /rs Kosmos-serie (11: Schneller als das Licht)
1976 Nödlarm från rymden /rs Kosmos-serie (10: Wettflug mit dem Tod)
1976 Jorden hotad! /rs Kosmos-serie (12: Die Mordwespen)


Pocket Book Cover 7

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