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Some terms are not from this world - nowadays...

It's hard to translate the futuristic terms and abbreviations into english, but it's possible (I hope :-).

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First I thought the translation has to be very close to the original text.
And if we use "light speak" for "Lichtspruch",
we need a "light" - term for "Lichtwerfer", something like "light thrower" ...
But maybe a "laser canon" is much more adequat here? What do you think?

What about the "Rücksturz zur Erde". "Dive back to earth"?
Space Patrol composer Peter Thomas used "Warp back to earth" for one of his records. Is "warp" only for Trekkies?

Episode titles:
        1. Attack From Outer Space
        2. Planet Off Course / Runaway Planet
        3. Guardians Of The Law
        4. Deserters
        5. Battle Of The Sun
        6. The Space Trap
        7. Invasion

Mario, Armierungsoffizier
  = Armament Officer
Hasso, Ingenieur
  = Flight Engineer
Atan, Astrogator
 = Astrogator (Astrogating Officer)
Helga, Raumüberwachung
 = Space surveillance
 = Orderly (Orderly Officer)?
(Raum)Lotse, Startbasenkontrolle
 = Flight Controller

GSD / Galaktischer Sicherheits-Dienst
 = Galactic Security Department

TRAV / Terrestrische Raum-Aufklärungs-Verbände
 = TRF / Terrestrial Reconnaissance Force

ORB / Oberste Raum-Behörde
 = Supreme Space Authority

Schnelle Raumverbände
 = Fast Space Combat Units

EAS / Erdaußenstation
 = EOB / (Earth) Outerbase
 (= EAS / Earth Alliance Station? too babylonic?)

Schneller Raumkreuzer ORION
 = [Fast] Space Cruiser Orion
 = Spaceship ORION

RS / Raum-Sektor
 = (space) sector

Rücksturz (zur Erde)
 = dive back

ASG / Armsprechgerät
 = Arm Speaking Device

Alpha Order
 = Alpha order

 = Lightspeak? Lightwave message?
 (Laser message)

 = Light storm

 = Light thrower?

Atan Shubashi

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